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Using a Camera to Inspect and Find Out What is Plugging Your Sewer Drain Line

Something stuck in your drain line?

Have you ever had a clog in your line that just will not break up and your drains continue to back up? You may have a collapsed line or something in the line that is stuck but how would you know? No one wants to spend the cost of digging up a system just to find out the problem was a minor fix that could have been taken care of with minimum cost!

Inspection cameras are the BEST way to determine what the problem is and where it is at!
Next time you have a sewer blockage, be sure to ask about our camera inspection service. This waterproof camera provides information in real time and can be recorded for your records and for insurance purposes.
When is a camera inspection necessary?

Our professional technicians will most likely recommend a camera sewer line inspection if you have experienced repeated backups in your sewer line or if he feels something odd while cleaning the line with a cable machine But regardless if this is your first sewer problem or not, camera inspections can go a long way in identifying all types of pipe problems commonly found in your home or business. One of the more common issues is that a root mass has obstructed flow in your sewer system. But if a sewer pipe is damaged, a section is misaligned or it has begun to collapse due to old age, a camera sewer line inspection will reveal the issue.

Why use a camera?

The main two arguments for utilizing this advanced form of technology in plumbing both benefit the customer. The first reason is to save time in fixing a plumbing problem. When you have a problem in your pipes, especially in the sewage system, the last thing you want is to drag out the repair process. Not only can delays be inconvenient, but prolonged problems in plumbing can cause further damage to your house or to your business’s building. The second major argument for using a camera is to save you money on sewer line repair. Correctly identifying the problem will help your technician come up with the most efficient (and cheapest) way to fix your sewer blockage and get your line flowing properly again. Plus, by running a camera through your pipes, your technician will be able to pinpoint the exact location of the issue, which prevents unnecessary excavation. If you’re about to purchase a new home, it’s a good idea to have a video sewer line inspection done to check out the plumbing before you close on the property. Why stick yourself with someone else’s expensive sewer fix?

How do we use cameras to identify the problem?

Think of having a remote control snake with a camera on its head and lots of bright LED lights. That’s how we go about a camera line inspection. Our skilled technicians can get into pipes from 2 inches to 10 inches in diameter without a problem, all while having control of a camera attached to a snake-like rod (We also have a smaller camera that can bend around traps in your lines). The material that the camera is attached to is very flexible, so bending around sharp corners or tricky bends is never a problem. Don’t worry, if you dropped a precious piece of jewelry or other valuable item down your drain, we may be able to successfully locate it and get it back to you if it hasn’t already washed into the sewer/septic system.

If you would like your septic system or drain lines inspected, give Bone Septic Services a call at (501) 676-0901. We’ll give you a no-obligation quote.

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